Sleepers, Awake!

Sometimes I daydream about becoming a proper “conservative pundit.” I could fill in the gaps in my knowledge about politics, economics, and law so that I could properly debate liberals on all manner of subjects, producing unanswerable rebuttals to their false claims. With the help of an editor, I could produce a polished-up column each week on a timely topic and get it published at some conservative venue. Eventually I might be able to produce something worthy of the National Review or some other prestigious journal. It could be the beginning of a new career.

Then I remember how far gone the conservative establishment is. One doesn’t need to search hard for demonstrations of this. As far as conservative punditry goes, National Review’s “firing” of John Derbyshire for writing some realistic advice on how to stay safe from black violence tells you all you need to know. And the Grand Old Party of the Republic, though continuing to provide affiliation for a fair number of honorable, patriotic officeholders, is no more capable than any other institution today of standing against the suicidal liberal movements now sweeping over our society. They are embracing Hispanicization, same-sex “marriage,” the works – just a little more slowly than the liberals. Consider this Wall Street Journal article describing how they are preparing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if the Supreme Court finds Obamacare unconstitutional. (And what if it is found constitutional?)

But to blame the “establishment conservatives” is to miss the larger point that our entire society has become incapable of free discourse on the very subjects of which an understanding is needed for our survival. We are no longer “a free country.” The greatest taboo is against the discussion of group racial differences in intelligence and other abilities; gender, sexuality, and religion are similarly off-limits. I see this clearly on a daily basis in my private life (family and work) as well as in the public discourse. Stifled by the restrictions on speech and thought, people become ready to accept all sorts of outrageous ideas.

It is the sheer sticky entrenched-ness of “political correctness” that makes me doubt that our nation will wake up, collectively, in time to save itself. Most Americans are rather politically unserious, but challenges to the established order are suppressed viciously. (This may help explain the preference for unseriousness.) Individuals and one-issue organizations (Numbers USA, the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy) fight bravely on – and of course we should support them! – but the forces of destruction barrel ahead. Consider Obama’s “administrative amnesty,” or the military’s creation of a “Gay Rights Month.” Where is the outrage? Where is the backlash? There is a bit of public grumbling, that’s all.

For me, the bottom line is that an effective “conservative” or traditionalist movement will have to embrace traditional morality and race realism (and a variety of other realisms). This is the issue I continue to revisit and explore on this blog. Despite the dark tenor of some of the discussions here, I have no doubt that ultimately the various Western peoples will survive and thrive again. There will be an American Renaissance, though we can’t yet know what form it will take. I’ve probably said this before, but the one point I think we can be safely optimistic about is that number of people being won over to a traditionalist, realist position is actually increasing rapidly. Right now the absolute numbers are too small to make a visible impact on larger events, but this will change.


Just for fun….

The theme of dreaming reminded me of an old song. I was actually fond of a few hip-hop groups back in high school, including this group. It was before the whole genre went “gangster.” (Please skip if it’s not your cup of tea.) They weren’t Mozart, but they were clever and positive. The liberal Utopia they imagined hasn’t come to be, but we have reached the point where the President of the United States is likely to be found “chillin’ ” at a hip-hop show. That’s not actually such a great thing.


2 Responses to Sleepers, Awake!

  1. The theme of your post that you just can’t talk about issues that are of concern reminds me of a song:

    • stephenhopewell says:

      MCB, evidently you too have a history of listening to things a bit incongruous to the theme of your blog. Thanks for introducing this – I’d never heard of it.
      I thought that the early rap was a legitimate, if not a high, art form.

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