Blue Echoes Ring…of a Longing Blue as You

Although not posting much lately, I continue to monitor blogs concerned with race, immigration, and the National Question for my fix of sane commentary on an insane situation. I’ve noticed that lately a larger number of commentators seem to be coming out and saying that the American nation, or Western society, is too broken to fix, and that the destruction of our civilization is inevitable.

Is it? I have always tried to take the optimistic position that the American people are capable of waking up and reversing their moral and demographic decline, and could do so even after things have gotten much worse. But I must admit that ten years after 9/11, things are not looking good for any kind of total redemption. The engines of mass immigration have become so thoroughly locked in gear that there seems no chance of stopping it in the foreseeable future, unless some act of God or a total collapse of the economy radically changes the equation. And, looking at my fellow Heritage Americans, I see no sign of any mass change in thinking. So I am inclined to agree with those who believe that the only way to preserve traditional Western societies at this point is through some sort of physical separation and political secession on the part of the traditionalists. How this could happen, I have no idea, but I’m on the lookout for signs and clues.

On this point, though, I remain positive: the number of people who reject the prevailing liberal assumptions of our society is growing, and at some point this number will take on a critical mass and things will start to change. What degree of success might result, no one can say, but I am confident at least that the hellish monotony of constant decline will be broken up a bit.

Still, if one looks at the condition of, say, California, it seems clear that whatever we are able to salvage out of the wreckage of contemporary America will not be the same as the old America. Too much has been lost. I understand that intellectually, but in my heart, I still want California back! I want the landscape of my imagination, with Connecticut Yankees and Southern Belles and Texas ranchers and Minnesota farmers…I want it all back; I don’t accept the loss of a single square foot of land to the recent invaders – be they the “Hispanics” from south of the border, or the Indians and Muslims who seem to be starting to take over the present community in which I live. Such is the heart of this American.

Part of that landscape is the West, and though Hollywood has tried to make cowboys gay that is one part of our landscape that probably still exists in profusion, if only because the Old West is so sparsely populated in parts. Recently I’ve been listening to the old Western group The Sons of the Pioneers. I had never thought much about Western music, and hadn’t quite realized it was a genre in itself,  separate from “Country” before the two got lumped together by the music industry. And though I vaguely knew about “singing cowboys” who appeared in the movies, I didn’t quite get that the Western artists were serious musicians. Of course, Garrison Keillor (how I wish he were on our side) has always known this, and gives us a  dose of Western music on every episode of the Prairie Home Companion, albeit watered down by irony and joking.

But what a wonderful piece of music “Blue Prairie” is! There is nothing I’ve ever heard quite like it…as “blue” and soulful as any piece of blues.


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