Alumni Magazines: File Under “Recycle”

We receive a steady stream of alumni magazines in the mail, reminding us of our undergraduate and graduate years and in my case including institutions with which I was only briefly associated. The intent, presumably, is to solicit donations. For my part, I would rather burn money and enjoy the fire than give it to an institute of higher education. Universities are among the worst perpetuators of toxic liberalism and political correctness in our society. And if you doubt that, just read any alumni magazine. You would think that such magazines would take the middle ground so as not to alienate older, more conservative alumni who might be likely to make significant donations; to the contrary, every issue features in-your-face propaganda for multiculturalism, homosexuality, ethnic empowerment, feminism, you name it, as if deliberately trying to provoke. And indeed, there are regular letters of complaint, but, like the non-liberal letters that are often printed in local newspapers, these complaints never have any impact on the publication itself. Well, when you know you are right, what reason could there be to change?

Just to list a few random recollections: I have seen, in these magazines, profiles of students and alumni from places like Somalia; same-sex couples with adopted children; and female medical students who joke about the genitalia of male cadavers. One school went through a convulsion after some “racist” graffiti was allegedly found penciled on a dormitory wall, resulting in a giant ceremony of collective, masochistic repentance led by the president itself. (The employment of a simple rubber eraser would have saved so much trouble.) Then there are the students and faculty endlessly pursuing research to save the environment and cure AIDS in Africa.

“Diversity” on campus, as the magazine cover above shows, is a constant preoccupation.

This blogger wrote about his or her alma mater and discovered exactly the same things, with the exception that Hispanic promotion is completely over the top in Arizona. I am rather skeptical that complaints or declared refusals to donate will make much difference. The Academy really has been completely taken over, and they believe in their mission of militant reform and transformation of each and every institution of our society.

UA Alumni magazine full of leftist propaganda

Some clear proof ASU is a better school than UA. We got ahold of a University of Arizona Alumnus magazine from Fall 2009. It was so full of typical left wing articles that it wasn’t worth reading – why not just pick up a copy of Mother Jones or The Nation if you want a magazine about left wing causes. Here is what was in the magazine, other than a couple of token sports stories:

–In the Letters to the Editor section, an Editor’s Response on the magazine’s policy of printing pictures of same-sex couples announcing their marriages. p. 7

–An article on how three UA professors are trying to ban smoking worldwide. p. 9

–An article about Hispanics and college degrees (we don’t have a problem with covering Hispanic news, but when it’s done to the exclusion of all other races except politically correct races we see some bias and unfairness). p. 10

–An article about budget cuts and how plans to merge the ethnic programs into one program brought out protests from radical Hispanics, so the University president met with them and assured them that the plan wasn’t finalized. p. 16

–An article called Sustaining Planet Earth, and Us, Too on promoting environmentalism. One faculty member, Diana Liverman, is featured in an article entitled Speaking of Caps and Trades, where her left wing environmental activism on behalf of the biased United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is praised…. p. 19-25

Finding a Place, an article about Hispanics at the UA. Again, we have no problem with articles about Hispanics, but what about all the other groups at the UA? Christian organizations. Exchange students from other countries. Gifted kids who skip their last year or two of high school and go straight into college. Irish kids who came to the UA from Ireland to attend school here. We’ll never see any of them featured. p. 26-28….

–A story about the film Laramie Inside Out, which exposes the God Hates Fags guy Rev. Fred Phelps. While that’s nice to expose the guy, who pretty everyone agrees is a jerk, don’t expect this magazine to ever run something exposing a fringe left wing radical like the Unabomber. p. 30-35

–Info and pictures of Intuit Art currently on display. Nice, but again, this is more promotion of politically correct ethnicities…. p. 39

–A Visionary Leader and Consumer Advocate award given to a woman named Helen Niederehe Goetz. She was actively involved in the League of Women Voters, a left wing feminist organization. Don’t think if her resume had said “Concerned Women for America” instead that she would have gotten this award. p. 57

If you find this disproportionate coverage of left wing causes offensive, feel free to send them an email at Especially if you are a UA alum. And don’t give them a dime until they cut out the bias and give alums a fair and balanced magazine.


8 Responses to Alumni Magazines: File Under “Recycle”

  1. Wesley Mcgranor says:

    It certainly was not the Jew that brought this on–but White Protestant Americans that dismantled themselves. After evaluating their autonomy as supreme and the burden of maintaining against a world wanting equality at their expense. Such inclusion was not necessarily of a racial subversion–as you now join with the Papist and pagan in equality’s name.

  2. Sheila says:

    The problem is, while older, more “conservative” alums may complain, they still continue to donate money to an institution dedicated to eradicating them, their progeny, and their civilization. It took a number of phone calls and repeated complaints before I got my name permanently removed from my undergraduate and graduate schools’ mailing lists. My husband gets fewer calls from his, since I’ve answered their requests with a blunt “Never.” As long as disingenuous White liberals (of both right and left variety) continue to join alumni associations, donate money, and send their children to be brainwashed to such institutions, these toxic institutions and their publications will continue till the end of historic White America – and we will deserve what we have wrought.

  3. stephenhopewell says:

    Wesley Mcgranor, well, this has never been a Blame the Jew discourse. It’s true, destructive “diversity” is by no means only racial, but all other types are potentially reversible (you could convert people’s religion, make them speak English, etc.) and race is not.
    Sheila, it never occurred to me to try to remove my name from the lists, but it sounds like a good idea. (In a perverse way I kind of like getting the magazines.) You may be right that the conservative complainers usually still donate; definitely, the majority of alumni are still blind to the destruction being perpetrated in universities.

  4. Roy says:

    “After evaluating their autonomy as supreme and the burden of maintaining against a world wanting equality at their expense.”

    You’re talking about neoconservative and libertarians right? I have my doubts about Protestant Christianity but to say that they are liberal is a bit off.

  5. Observer1,000,000 says:

    Amen to this! Who do I see on the covers of my alumni magazine? Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama, only liberals. I don’t recall ever, ever seeing a conservative on the cover. I only give money to my suburban private school where I spent my high school years (boys only), which explicitly builds better boys.

  6. stephenhopewell says:

    Roy, don’t you think modern liberalism draws heavily on Protestant ideas? I admit, I wasn’t quite sure what the comment was getting at.
    Observer – the only exception (as with mainstream magazines) is when they do “conservative anthropology” – treating conservatives as exotic creatures who need to be explained to the reader.

  7. No Dummy says:

    “profiles of students and alumni from places like Somalia” – wow, like it’s a moral failing to be born in Somalia?!?

    Maybe the conservative movement wouldn’t be flailing so badly if it didn’t turn up its nose at non-WASPs. Black conservatives already feel like they have to apologize for their beliefs. I’m sure you’re not making it any easier for them. But go on, make yourself an endangered species – it’s better for the country, really!

  8. stephenhopewell says:

    No Dummy:

    You’re right, my statement about profiles of students from Somalia is a non sequitur and comes off as offensive. I should have left it out, or explained why that item fits in with the other liberal causes I mentioned.

    I object wholeheartedly to the importation of large numbers of people from societies that are incompatible with American and Western culture, without an honest discussion ever being held about the consequences, and without the consent of the American people ever being asked for. Somalis are a particularly problematic group for numerous reasons, and this is not changed by the fact that there are among them talented people who inflict no harm on our society. Profiles of Somali students are done with the intent of promoting that agenda.

    It’s not my wish to denigrate talented individuals from Somalia or anywhere else who pursue their studies and work honorably and don’t agitate for Islamic power and privilege; but as a policy matter, they never should have been here to begin with.

    The position of this site, usually unstated, is to welcome non-WASP and black allies – IF they accept the numerical and cultural dominance of the European (i.e. white) founding majority of the United States. Unfortunately such allies are so few in number that as a practical matter I’m addressing whites almost exclusively.

    I disagree that white conservatives are giving black conservatives a hard time. To the contrary, they’re desperate to find black conservatives who they can use to prove they’re not “racist.” They would be better off fighting their own battles without apology. The ones who give black conservatives a hard time are their fellow blacks, the vast majority of whom vote liberal/Democrat.

    Anyway, the issue of Somalis is entirely different from that of regular black Americans.

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