Why We Must Oppose Koran Burning

Though we may find your views offensive,
God forbid we get defensive.
Our Constitution gives full immunity
To members of your faith community:

From beer commercials and sniffing dogs,
And food products derived from hogs;
And Merry Christmas, and kids who stare
At the funny hats your women wear;
And those who claim the Towers’ destruction
Was at your holy Book’s instruction.

And should some dimwit Pastor plan
To build a bonfire with your _____,
Our F.B.I. and Commander-in-Chief
Will dress him down and give him grief
While fork-tongued Imams threaten and plead
Till fear and confusion stop the deed.

A thousand concessions we’ll make with patience
To turn Land of the Free into United Nations
And with you we’ll bow down as one nation
To the god of Submission – and obliteration.


4 Responses to Why We Must Oppose Koran Burning

  1. Sheila says:

    Seconds to that. Seems appropriate here to add a link (if I can manage it) to an amusing bit I read this morning on Koran burning: http://aardvarks.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/guest-post-by-harbqll-for-9-11-and-burn-a-koran-day/

  2. stephenhopewell says:

    Mark, Sheila – thank you. I hope the flame of resistance kindled by this odd event continues to grow.

  3. thewhitechrist says:

    Thank you. I, too, am disgusted with this milquetoast land, and her mulatto in chief.


    – Fr. John

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