Welcome, Readers!

May 4, 2008

This weblog has been created in response to the terrible crisis faced by the American people and by the West as a whole. Its author is an ordinary citizen of the state of Michigan, whose own field of expertise cannot be applied in any obvious way to the struggle to save our nation. In a better world there would be plenty of talented politicians and statesmen fighting for our cause, and I might be content to send checks, stuff envelopes, and hold meetings in their support.

Sadly, with a handful of exceptions, there are no such men and women in our public life. Our movement as yet is manifested mainly on the Internet, invisible to the larger society. To post messages on little-known forums, often under a pseudonym, is unsatisfying to one who feels a moral call to sacrifice his own comfort for the good of his country. And yet, with no publicly recognized base to work from, and the prospect of ostracism and worse in the workplace if one challenges the “politically correct” orthodoxy, for many of us it is still too early to take a stance of open confrontation. Instead, anticipating a long struggle, perhaps for many generations, we need to study the past and present, gather our weapons, and plan for the future. It is a daunting task, but we have no choice. May we find strength in our fellowship as our numbers grow, and may we find joy in engaging with the truth and fighting for the good!

With this blog, I hope to engage with and contribute to the existing discourse on Western traditionalist conservatism and American nationhood. The basic format will be a weekly entry, posted on Fridays. Barring unforeseeable difficulties I plan to maintain this schedule for at least one year.

Every writer and blog takes a particular perspective. This blog will focus on traditional American culture – specifically, on the task of reviving and reconstructing an actual, living American culture which expresses the particular, historic traditions of our society and orients us toward the transcendent truths – towards the true, the good, the right, the beautiful. While using the blog to discuss how to do this, I also hope to draw like-minded readers, especially in the state of Michigan, who are interested in meeting in person to begin the rudimentary work of forming a living, alternative community of American traditionalists. It may be early yet, but I believe that if even “two or three are gathered” who truly love their country and people, we may awaken powers that none of us have access to as individuals. I therefore request any readers in Michigan (or able to travel here) who agree with the organizational principles of this site to email me at the address indicated at the top of this site.

A discussion of basic principles (a work in progress) will be the subject of the next entry.