The Long Road Home

March 5, 2008

This weblog is for the real Americans – of European heritage, born of this country with loyalty to no other. In these perilous times, we must join together to pick up the pieces of our shattered culture and begin to rebuild the foundation for a living, moral American society. The situation is bleak. The history, religion, values, and culture of traditional America are no longer taught to our children. A totalitarian form of liberalism, holding the highest value of our society to be non-discrimination and dedicated to the fulfillment of group demands and individual desires, has seized our government, military, schools, churches, cultural institutions, and the world of business. Mainstream conservatism is rapidly abandoning its fundamental principles. Most urgently, overwhelming numbers of newcomers with no cultural or racial affinity to ourselves, brought here through policies of mass immigration, are quickly gaining property, votes, and other powers, leaving us with only a short time before we forever lose control over our own country.

To fight all these trends as isolated individuals is a vain endeavor. Nor will the conventional tools of voting and public persuasion do any more than slightly slow the flow of our destruction. Thus, the time has come to begin building the framework of an alternative America. We must find like-minded persons and, starting in the private realm, begin to live as a free people living under a traditional moral order. We must rediscover our history and cultural heritage and recreate it in a form suitable for the conditions of the present day. And as our numbers grow and our associations, formal and informal, become stronger, we will be able to unite to begin to resist, weaken, and destroy the present evil social order, and begin rebuilding an America we can love and feel at home in.